- At base I’m good. -

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At base I must be good, I think. Doubtlessly yes. And yet it’s not what everybody says. Old Goimain Mother for example, that’s not what she says. She rather says that I am the son of the devil, this bitch. Oh well, I don’t give a damn; she’s just a crone. At times, to scare myself, I imagine that one day she’s been young. It is hard to imagine but I try to.

You could also try by your side and tell me how it occurred: take a horrible old woman, a neighbour like Mrs Goimain, or an old aunt, or an old scrubby man you often meet in the street, just like the old tramp who is always whistling at her when mom walks on the opposite pavement in her flowered dress. In short, take a very old person, but especially an old geezer person, like revanchist or angry of being old while others are young, take this person who hates you almost as much as she repels you. Take this person, close your eyes. And see her wrinkles unlining and her face coming back young. Look at the thin skin of her round cheeks turning pink under the April sun. Look at her becoming a child again. Look at her smiling. Look at her living, full of heedlessness and dreams. Open your eyes. And now, come and tell me I am the son of Satan.

At base, I must be good, I think. Indeed, starting now, whereas I could have avoided doing it, which certainly would have attracted many more people on this blog, I am about to warn you. Because some people, and perhaps you are amongst those people, came here after typing “Brad Pitt” in a research engine. These people, I’m not laughing at them, are totally entitled to seek information on the Internet concerning Brad Pitt. I find that this guy is a very good actor and thus I do not have anything against him. So if you read these words, or if anyway you are reading this Internet page, it might be because you typed in the research engine one of the following sentences:

- Brad Pitt news movies release
- Brad Pitt Tyler Durden
- Brad Pitt Fight Club
- Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie
- Brad Pitt his sexual life
- Brad Pitt video porn
- I want to become as athletic as Brad Pitt but without any effort
- Brad Pitt’s hairstyle
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In short, you love Brad Pitt and one second later here you are on my blog and you do not understand what you’re doing here.

First of all you will think that I am a smarty-pants who tries to attract some readers by using terms likely to be frequently searched on the Internet, just like “Paris Hilton porn video” or “free sex” or, precisely, “Brad Pitt”. You think that I am smarty-pants who tries to increase the visits counter in order to lure announcers, as it is true that the interest of advertisers is to place their products’ brands on the sites that attract many people, it’s quite normal. Thereby the secret goal of this profusion of attractive terms (sex, cunnilingus, Brad Pitt, sodomy, earn money without effort, whore at home… etc) would be money. Cash, moolah, loot, clams, dough. And I am the son of Satan. The by-product of a company based on money. I am 15 years and one day old, and I am a swine.

But the fact is, at base I’m good. This is why I am kindly warning you: if you are looking for sex, free sex, exclusive information about Brad Pitt, if you want to see Brad Pitt completely naked, if you want to buy, at rock-bottom prices, anabolics which will make you as athletic athletic athletic as Brad Pitt Brad Pitt Brad Pitt in less than 8 days, realize that you are not on the right site. I am not here to attract attention or readers, nor to make money, and however, if an advertiser wanted to put a banner here he would have to understand that this site is not a site about Brad Pitt who is a very good actor and that he shall contact me by email to settle the money matter. Nevertheless, I don’t have anything against easy money. Just like everyman jack. But then, you’re about to tell me, why all this hullaballoo? And here I will answer you. Because, simply, I am Brad Pitt. And some days, this sucks, I can tell you that. Some days, this sucks.

And even though I repeat myself again and again that mom was declared mentally handicapped more than 20 years ago now, I can’t - believe it or not – I can’t - after 15 years and one day of this treatment- understand how she could find the idea to give me this first name: Brad-Peete.

Then, of course, when in 2001, my father went to the Prefecture to have an identity card made so that I could leave for three days for a school trip to London, the Civil Service dead-losses had the wonderful idea to write my first name with an i. So much so that now on my identity card, from now on in the eyes of everybody, my name is: Brad-Pitt Deuchfalh.

Fortunately at base I’m good. But some days it’s not so easy. Today was June 2nd, 2005, and I was 15 years and one day old. Sometimes I wonder if I am not the son of Satan.

J'ai un bon fond, translated by Valentina. Every correction, improvement, proofreading or subtleties are more than welcome. That's what the comments are for…If you're bilingual, a translator, an English teacher or simply very gifted in English, and if you wish to participate more actively to the translation of my texts, you can contact me by email (in French please!)


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