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I haven't been writing anything within a week. It's true that over the last seven days nothing interesting happened into my life and, most of all, I hammer away for the Brevet des Collèges. Within 8 days: tests.

By his side, Crocheton began the tests for the bachelor's degree.
His topic in philosophy was “does one reason well when one wants to be right at any cost?” I asked him what he had answered, he said “Yes.”
«How's that “Yes”?
- Well I answered that “yes”, one reasons well.
- Hem ??
- The one who knows the truth is inevitably right to stand up for it, isn’t he ?
- Er yeah…
- If he defends the truth, he is right and the conclusion of what he says will inevitably be right since it will be true.
- And ?
- So, if he is right, it's that he reasons well.»
I answered him «But, imagine that he does not know the truth… in this case… »
Crocheton finished my sentence «In this case, he has no reason to defend it, therefore he clams up. Conclusion: does one reason well when one wants to be right at any cost? Inevitably YES!»

In the category of particularly fascinating news, note that Crocheton has discovered I'm feeding a blog (the one you are reading right now) and he obviously managed to outline me an execrable blackmail: either I let him install here a section concerning graphics, or he tells dad that when I am on the Internet it's not for school's research studies. I battled but he ended up promising not to read my texts and of course I accepted to let him make his section. I imagine my father coming on this blog and reading my texts…

This morning, just like every Sunday, Crocheton woke me up at 7:30 a.m. playing Daktari in the bedroom. When I opened my eyes he was imitating the squinting lioness. A little later we were pretending to sleep when mom entered the bedroom as a sea breeze. She murmured “boys…” so nicely that the breath of her voice would not have even lifted a feather. A fresh smell. She had just finished cleaning the toilets.

One hour later we were in church. The yavish Community. In his sermon, my father said that it is by his labour that a man improves himself. I immediately understood that it was a message for Crocheton, to encourage him to study for his exams. It's funny how my father cannot speak to us other than in his cassock. When we are only sheep in the flock. My father said that from where He was, God was looking at us and was judging us. My father said this is the truth and that he is here to defend it.

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