- Her name is the same as her car’s name -

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Today I almost spent half of my day in the schoolyard. I was studying maths for the Brevet’s exam. We had only 3 course hours. During the left time we were allowed to study outside the school. It was cool. However, the two hours of German with Mrs Griard were not funny.

Ubong ! Letsyown dry. "Deeter, deeter, air noyman hat yne nawy Mertseedess."
Ubung ! Lezion drei. "Dieter, Dieter, Herr Neuman hat eine neue Mercedes."
Exercise ! Lesson three. "Dieter, Dieter, Mr Neuman has a new Mercedes."
"Good for him but tell this fat swine to clear off with his petty bourgeois’ car or I stick him the exhaust in the arse."

It’s strange to think that the guy who created this car’s brand gave it his daughter’s first name : mercedes. Fuckhead. Now no one can call his daughter Mercedes because of that guy ! Good enough that her daughter’s name was not Christine or John because many people would have the same name as a car. Stupid-looking.

To me, German is just disgusting. When I was on 7th form there was a school trip to London. My whole class was participating. My father told me: « you can choose. Either you go to London now. Or you go to Germany, like your brother, when you are in 9th form.» The trip to London was 2 days long. The trip to Berlin was 10 days long. Crocheton had been there, and he found it groovy. Still and all I answered I wanted to go to London. My father said that no you will go to Germany. Oh well okay.

The school trip to Germany: all the students of my class went there; it was this year on February. It was groovy! I’m still waiting. I’m the only asshole who stayed in France. My father said: « we don’t have the money to send you to the Krauts. You know we have to pay for your sister’s theatre lessons! »

People often ask me whether Deuchfalh is a Germanic name. People are so stupid.

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