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To my brother, Crocheton

Anger. Buried rage, anger.
Not the right.
You had.
You had not the right my brother.

Because you.
Weariness and weariness over again.
Too hard, you say?
You say too hard?
And me, weariness, you've thought of it?

Me never more.
Because too hard. Because anger!
Because not the right.
Because not the right you had!
Because leaving.
Because blood in my veins. You remember?
Weariness. Me too.
Anger. Because without me.
Because leaving.
Never. You promised.
Without me never, you promised, you remember?

Coward! Traitor! Coward!
Defeat, renunciation, jab me your dagger.
You promised, bro, you promised …
You lied to me.

A letter on the chest, a letter from Crocheton, you left us a letter!!!
What did you think? That it would be enough?
That sorrows can be wiped out with words Crocheton?
That words substitute people?
Substitute brothers?
The brothers who had promised. Cowards.
The brothers weariness. The brothers too hard. The brothers I leave.

You remember Crocheton?
You promised.
Anger I am.
To love you schmuck.
Anger I am to love you like a brother.
Because blood in my veins. You remember?
Because section my veins if you section yours or do nothing stay here but don't leave alone you promised!
Sorrow because weariness.
Sorrow because brother.
Sorrow because I promise I'll never tell you all of this.
Sorrow because I will support you my brother.
Because I will shut up in your silences.
Because my questions will not become your anvil.
Sorrow because I bury them in the depth of my heart.

To lose you, my brother.

Besoin de dire, translated by Valentina. Every correction, improvement, proofreading or subtleties are more than welcome. That's what the comments are for…If you're bilingual, a translator, an English teacher or simply very gifted in English, and if you wish to participate more actively to the translation of my texts, you can contact me by email (in French please!)

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