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Have you noticed? : there are two kinds of people. Those who have a watch at the wrist, who can't break. Tick-tock, handcuffed. And the others, those for whom time does not latch on the arm. For me it's strange, I have a problem with the hours and the minutes. It's true. It's not a tale. Mom tells me that dinner is in five minutes, that I should disconnect the computer. And when she comes back she tells me well then what are you doing? And I say that nothing, that I'm coming. And that's the moment she tells me that one hour has passed since her visit of three minutes ago.
Where did time go?

It happens every day. It's 9AM and the next moment it's dark. It is midday and suddenly it's 5PM. It's Monday and suddenly it's the weekend but already it's over, it starts again and it's Monday and it's the end of the week.

There must be a sense of time, as there is the sense of touch or taste. It must be more or less developed according to people. I do have a good sight but a very bad sense of time. It enables me to see the things, but always a little bit too late.

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