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Saturday morning, always the same corny old tune, you know how it is. Nine o’clock, curler mom in the bathroom and the hair dryer purring. In the kitchen, sweatpants dad with his hot coffee cup’s pyjama pants. Flower dress mom opening the door and dad kisses her over the toaster. Outside ibid nice weather. Crocheton hides-and-seeks alone with himself deep down his bed, narrating himself. Pendry twirls her body in the corridor and blows a kiss to dad’s neck. I sleep.

Nine thirty, the car starts up, Carrefourwards. (Carrefour is a hypermarket.) Pendry at the back and dad at the wheel. Mom in the sun of her XXL-size sunglasses, more beautiful than a Greta Garbow. Crocheton suntans with the UV rays of the TV set. I sleep.

Eleven, the graver of the lane crackles. The trunk opens on the fritch-fritching plastic of the carry bags. Crocheton rushes. Pendry crystallises in bursts of laughter. Mom glows. Dad leaves. I sleep. Crocheton’s voice that says it’s « a house question *». Mom’s words that skitter in the kitchen. And Pendry’s laughter. I sleep.

Suddenly french fries scent. Eggs scent. In two minutes mom will enter the bedroom. She will whisper « Brad it’s noon my boy. Willy you get up? » or maybe not and she will shrill that « it’s smelly inside that room ! » but it matters little… it’s so good to be on holidays.

* French TV program about how to set up, transform, decorate your house.

Rêve, translated by Valentina. Every correction, improvement, proofreading or subtleties are more than welcome. That's what the comments are for…If you're bilingual, a translator, an English teacher or simply very gifted in English, and if you wish to participate more actively to the translation of my texts, you can contact me by email (in French please!)

Message de valentina :
cette trad est particulièrement délicate à cause des tournures de phrases
"pas françaises". Faudrait un avis d'anglophone pour savoir comment ça rend
en anglais, ça fait peut-etre des tournures bizarres, vu que j'ai essayé de
traduire d'abord littéralement.

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elo 15/02/2008 18:03

that's why you should write it in french!!^^