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If things had to stop right here, thanks to all of you who supported me within this experience, who encouraged me with their comments, with the links they put on their website, with their laudatory articles they dedicated to me. Thank you sincerely. And for evermore. Each day, I try and transform my life into a patchwork, written with digestible and pleasant words… I try and find those catchy expressions that would bring you back to me… today it’s your turn… The rule is quite simple. Just as I strive for giving you the desire to come back on this blog, give me the desire to come back likewise. If no comments, I will never come back, that goes without saying. What are you saying, you, over there? Blackmail? Is this blackmail? Well then, don’t write anything… and you’ll never have to bear me any more. Have you ever known loneliness, dismay, this will to leave, which erodes your guts and scratches your face? Have you ever known the fear to awake alone, in the middle of nowhere? Fuck you.

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schuey 04/07/2007 21:45

i don't think we need to convince you to come back. It's not a patchwork you are doing here, it's art. Art defines itself by the public, but does not need the public.

fuck you too.