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It makes you look like a bitch Pendry, don’t go out like that, all the guys are gonna check you out. Crocheton had warned her. She couldn’t say it wasn’t true. She didn’t want to listen to him.
« Your brother is right. »
It wasn’t coalescence. It was just the truth: Crocheton was right. Mom was telling that. Nobody asked for my opinion. But if someone had, I would have said that I agreed with him, although I was not against Pendry. Well, at that precise time, I mean. I was not against Pendry at that time but it’s true that Crocheton was right: she was really looking like a bitch.

Mom said « invisible under a skirt » and Pendry said yes precisely. Crocheton said okay, definitely okay, and he added a little and brief silence like a punctuation and then he underlined with a movement coming along with his words: « under a skirt ».

It must not be easy everyday, being a girl. A girl in a family of boys. Oh sure, mom is not a man of course, but she is neither a woman, she’s mom. Whereas us, Crocheton and I, are two, while she, Pendry, is one.
A female one.

Mom said: « Pendry, right or wrong? you told me you wanted one of those to wear under your skirt.
– Right, but…
- There’s no but, Pendry… You wanted a g-string because one could see your pants through your white skirt. I bought you a g-string. Right or wrong?
– Right…
- Very good. »

But mom, all the other girls wear it like this. She wasn’t wrong on this fact, Pendry, it’s true that all the other chicks wander with the strap of their g-string above the belt of their low-waist trousers. With micro tee-shirts. Must be that they really want us to know they have a string up in the arse.

Speak up, I didn’t hear you well.
And mom says yes indeed Pendry that’s trousers you have on your ass today.
Pendry said pffff and mom raised her hand over her shoulder as if she were playing tennis and preparing her backhand but she had no tennis racket. Mom asked « can you see this one? » but she didn’t wait for any answer from Pendry « Sigh just one more time and be sure that this one will fall on your little mug. »
My sister’s eyes fall down. Mom’s hand falls down.
« Oh my gosh look at that, your g-string will ear long come up under your arms. It’s the only thing one can see! And you dare saying it’s invisible!! Climb back upstairs to your bedroom right now, and you choose Pendry: either you wear your skirt or you wear your trousers, but in this case you please take this g-string off, it’s pulling up to your scapula! And hurry! »

Pendry left, running. Nobody asked for my opinion. Crocheton said: all the guys I know keep on checking her out and they also say that she looks like a bi… BANG mom’s hand slapped on Crocheton’s cheek and she said « Next time I hear you say your sister is a bitch, I bit you up, is that clear? »
Crocheton’s eyes were dry and his cheek was red and he looked at mom deep down in the eyes and he said « clear as day, mom ».

Pendry’s footsteps were coming closer. She was wearing her white skirt and red eyes. With her forefinger, mom raised her daughter’s chin and it looked like she was gazing into the mirror of her youth. Pendry sniffed a sob, mom said: « listen to me carefully Pendry because I won’t repeat these words: always listen to what your brother tells you. »

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Anonyme 01/07/2007 13:35

il n'y a pas si longtemps, il y avait un lien vers le texte original en français, c'était bien...