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- Who's the best ? -

His chest inflated like a balloon, it looks like his head is heavy as a stone and that it falls on his back, it’s the stone of his pride, weighing like an inherited anvil, it’s the stone of his pride that swings his skull on his scapula and inflates his...

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- 7:24PM -

At 7:23 PM I still was a pathetic has-been. And the minute after I looked up and everything changed. Tattoo is very trendy. Someday I will talk about that if you wish to. Today I felt trendy, unwillingly. Those who told you they saw my father cry have...

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- Music Day -

Yesterday was June 21th. You all know what it means. My brother said: Come on dad, I'm 19, let me go out it's Music Day...PAAFF the slap made him twist Twist... on Music Day... for once we were on the topic.

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Bac français Ecrit

Aujourd'hui c'était l'ecrit du bac français. Moi j'ai choisi l'ecriture d'invention. C'était "plaidoyer pour la justice sociale". Si quelqu'un a trouvé un corrigé sur internet (j'en trouve pas qui soient accessibles gratuits), ça m'interesse ! :-) Merci...

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- Philosophy -

I haven't been writing anything within a week. It's true that over the last seven days nothing interesting happened into my life and, most of all, I hammer away for the Brevet des Collèges. Within 8 days: tests. By his side, Crocheton began the tests...

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Je suis anorexique. C’est ma sœur qui le dit, qu’elle est anorexique. Moi je lui dis qu’elle est anorexique parce que c’est la mode. C’est elle qui le dit que c’est la mode. Moi je lui dis que c’est pas la mode, que c’est une maladie. Elle me dit que...

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